About us

We have been in the business for years, we have created Grand Prix Warszawy, the most dynamically operating system of tennis games in Poland (almost 900 people on the list of open categories and a dozen or so tournaments in Warsaw every weekend), we created and promoted Tenis NET, tennis portal No. 1 in Poland (according to Google Analitycs statistics, about 800-900 thousand views and between 70-90 thousand unique users per month), we conducted many amateur tournaments (both small and large, including Mistrzostwa Warszawy we wszystkich kategoriach ITF), we play them ourselves, we have experience in running a tennis club as well as tennis schools for children and teenagers.

As you can see, we are related to the industry and we are not going to change it. Contrary to other offers of object reservation systems via the Internet, you can be sure that they are made by someone who will not suddenly disappear as he appeared :)

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